Keep Our Hometown Rangers


The Texas Rangers are part of the fabric of our community and have been great for Arlington’s economy. Losing them to another city would have a devastating impact, taking millions in spending and valuable jobs away from our city.

The best place for the Rangers is right here in Arlington. It’s been that way for the past 40 years after legendary Mayor Tom Vandergriff brought us our first major professional sports team. By passing this referendum, we can ensure the Rangers stay in Arlington at least until 2054 providing decades of additional benefit for our city.


No New Taxes On Arlington Families

When approved by voters, there would be no new taxes and no tax increase to fund the city’s portion of the new ballpark. Instead, when the current bonds for the Dallas Cowboys stadium have been paid in a few years, new bonds for a Texas Rangers ballpark can be issued and serviced by the existing half-cent sales tax, the existing hotel and car rental fees voters approved in 2004 for the football stadium. 

It should be noted that more than half of our sales tax revenue is paid for by tourists and visitors from outside our city. This means that Arlington residents will pay for only roughly 30% of the cost of the ballpark, with 70% paid for by the Texas Rangers, and visitors and tourists to our city.

Proven & Wise Funding

By every account our sports venues have long been a wise investment for Arlington.  Our facilities were paid off years ahead of schedule – or will be in the case of the Cowboys -- thanks to the new, visitor-driven sales tax revenue they bring.  

To build the new, retractable roof stadium, the City of Arlington would ask residents to extend the wise and proven funding mechanism that voters previously approved for two sports facilities. The public-private partnership to build the new ballpark is a 50/50 agreement between the city and the Texas Rangers. The city’s portion of the ballpark is capped, with all cost overruns paid for by the baseball club.


Protect Our Economic Engine


The Texas Rangers have been one of Arlington’s strongest economic engines – and for decades they have spurred thousands of new jobs, growth, and new tax revenue to pay for better roads, parks, public safety and other basic city services. Losing the Rangers to another city would cost Arlington millions of dollars in economic activity with the loss of valuable jobs for working families.

The CVB commissioned an independent study that found that the new stadium would have an annual economic impact of almost $80 million for our city and an additional $137 million annually for Tarrant County.


Air Conditioned Relief From The Texas Heat

The air conditioned stadium with a retractable roof means Rangers fans will have the best of both worlds – open air baseball in the cooler spring and fall months and air conditioned comfort in the hottest months. Many of the design concepts that are so popular in the current Rangers ballpark would be used in the new stadium.

Let’s be honest – it’s hard to attract fans when it is 100 degrees at the first pitch. The new stadium will allow us to attract even more fans, which is good for the Rangers and great for Arlington’s economy.




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