Arlington Police and Fire Support Voting Yes! 

The Arlington Police Association and the Arlington Professional Fire Association have both announced that they are voting YES!

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Globe Life Park will not be bulldozed! 

The Rangers have announced plans to save Globe Life Park and re-purpose it for retail, dining and office space. 

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Confirmed- Dallas held talks with the Rangers about moving

Dallas officials met with Rangers head office for conceptual talks about moving the team to Dallas when their contract is up in 2024. 


Press Release
August 2, 2016

Vote Yes PAC Praises Arlington Mayor & Council For Vote On Rangers Ballpark Referendum

Calls Unanimous Vote By Council “A Wise Decision For Arlington’s Economy”

The Vote Yes! Keep the Rangers PAC is praising tonight’s unanimous vote by the Arlington City Council to place the Texas Rangers ballpark referendum on the November 8 ballot.

Below is the statement released after the City Council vote:

“With their unanimous vote tonight, Mayor Williams and the City Council made a wise decision for Arlington’s economy.  For more than four decades the Texas Rangers have energized our city, attracting millions of tourists and visitors who shop and dine in our local businesses and restaurants. A new ballpark featuring a retractable roof and air conditioning will protect fans from the summer heat and allow us to continue attracting valuable visitors to Arlington and grow our economy for the next 30 years. Our city leaders have shown great wisdom and vision by giving voters the chance to keep our hometown Rangers with no new taxes.”

The annual economic impact of the Texas Rangers for Arlington has been estimated at $77 million each year in spending on restaurants, hotel rooms, shopping, entertainment and parking; and an additional $137 million annually for Tarrant County.

Fort Worth Star-Telegram
July 22, 2016

Arlington sports stadiums give city identity, bring in cash

“The economic impact study, conducted by HR&A Advisors, projects an economic benefit of $137.6 million annually and $4.49 billion over the 30-plus-year lease for Tarrant County, of which Arlington would experience $77.5 million annually and $2.53 billion overall.

Spending by visitors and the normal operating costs of the team would support 1,950 full-time jobs and $66.5 million in wages for Tarrant County, including 1,450 jobs and $43.6 million in Arlington, according to the study.”

The Dallas Morning News
City Hall Blog
May 20, 2016

“Two years ago, Dallas Mayor Mike Rawlings began talking to the Texas Rangers about moving to Dallas. Those talks officially ended Friday morning, when Rangers co-owner Ray Davis called the mayor and told him the ballclub is staying in Arlington and moving into a retractable-roof ballpark some time in the next eight years.”

Fort Worth Star-Telegram
May 20, 2016

Party time! Arlington and the Rangers stay together     

“It’s time to celebrate in Arlington! Time for whatever is the City Hall equivalent of high fives after a home run clears the bases and gives the home team a decisive lead. Maybe even for popping champagne corks in the City Hall locker room.

And it’s time for congratulating the Texas Rangers for extending what co-chairman Ray Davis called “a great partnership for 45 years” with a decision to stay in Arlington for almost another 38 years — at least.

Arlington has been the home of the Rangers since 1971, and Friday’s announcement of plans for a new, retractable-roof, air-conditioned stadium makes it clear that if Arlington has anything to say about it, the team will never leave.”

Press Release
July 7, 2016

Arlington Leaders Launch Campaign For New Rangers Ballpark

Mayor Jeff Williams: “Let’s keep our hometown Rangers with no new taxes.”

With excitement growing among Arlington residents for the opportunity to keep their hometown Texas Rangers through the year 2054, city leaders today announced the formation of the Vote Yes! Keep the Rangers PAC. The political action committee will direct the campaign for voter approval of a public-private partnership between the city and the Texas Rangers to build a new ballpark, which will feature a retractable roof and air conditioning.

The Arlington City Council unanimously approved the master agreement for the partnership and franchise extension on May 24. Pending approval from the State Comptroller, the Council will officially call for a November 8 referendum election later this summer.

“The Texas Rangers energize our community, drawing valuable visitors and tourists to Arlington and millions of dollars in spending for local stores, shops and restaurants,” said Arlington Mayor Jeff Williams. “With a new ballpark featuring a retractable roof and air conditioning to protect our fans from the summer heat, we can continue to attract visitors to our city and grow our economy.”

“This election is the most important in Arlington's modern history,” added former Mayor Richard Greene. “The outcome will determine the course of the city's future.”

The public-private partnership is a 50/50 agreement between the team and the city, with the Texas Rangers required to invest a minimum of $500 million for the ballpark and the City of Arlington responsible for $500 million through the issuance of bonds. The city’s portion of the ballpark is capped, with all cost overruns paid for by the baseball club.

When approved by voters, there would be no new taxes and no tax increase to fund the city’s portion of the new ballpark. Instead, when the current bonds for the Dallas Cowboys stadium have been paid in a few years, new bonds for a Texas Rangers ballpark can be issued and serviced by the existing half-cent sales tax, the existing two percent hotel occupancy tax and the existing five percent car rental tax voters approved in 2004 for the football stadium.

The air conditioned stadium with a retractable roof means Rangers fans will have the best of both worlds – open air baseball in the cooler spring and fall months and air conditioned comfort in the hottest months. Many of the design concepts that are so popular in the current Rangers ballpark would be used in the new stadium.

The annual economic impact of the Texas Rangers for Arlington has been estimated at $77 million each year in spending on restaurants, hotel rooms, shopping, entertainment and parking; and an additional $137 million annually for Tarrant County.

“The Texas Rangers have been a part of the fabric of Arlington since 1972,” said Arlington business leader Victor Vandergriff. “They symbolize the family entertainment we are known for and have left a lasting mark on our economic, social and cultural identity. By voting Yes in November, we can continue this partnership that has flourished for more than four decades.”

Victor’s father, Tom Vandergriff, served as Arlington Mayor from 1951 to 1977 and Tarrant County Judge from 1991 to 2007.  As Mayor, he spent more than a decade of his life working to bring Major League Baseball to Arlington.

“The Texas Rangers have been a vital engine for Arlington’s economy,” added Michael Jacobson, President and CEO of the Arlington Chamber of Commerce. “Losing a world class organization to another city would have a devastating impact, taking millions in spending and valuable jobs away from our city.”

Serving as Chair of the Vote Yes! Keep the Rangers PAC will be Mayor Williams. Honorary Chairs include former Mayors Richard Greene, Elzie Odom and Dr. Robert Cluck, and community leaders Victor Vandergriff and Parker Vandergriff. Serving as Treasurer will be Michael Jacobson.

City Councilmembers Sheri Capehart, Victoria Farrar-Myers, Michael Glaspie, Charlie Parker, Robert Rivera, Robert Shepard, Kathryn Wilemon and Lana Wolff will serve on the PAC’s “Home Run” leadership team. Other community and business leaders who will play a leadership role in the campaign include Mojy Haddad, Dan and Linda Dipert, Bob Kembel, Dan Mohorc, and Kelly Curnutt. 



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