Mayor Jeff Williams


Kelly Curnutt



Former Mayor Richard Greene
Former Mayor Elzie Odom
Former Mayor Dr. Robert Cluck
Victor Vandergriff
Parker Vandergriff

“This election is the most important in Arlington's modern history. The outcome will determine the course of the city's future.”

— Former Mayor Richard Greene

“The Texas Rangers have been a part of the fabric of Arlington since 1972. They symbolize the family entertainment we are known for and have left a lasting mark on our economic, social and cultural identity. By voting Yes in November, we can continue this partnership that has flourished for more than four decades.”

— Victor Vandergriff



Michael Jacobson

“The Texas Rangers are a vital engine for Arlington’s economy. Losing a world class organization to another city would have a devastating impact, taking millions in spending and valuable jobs away from our city.”

— Michael Jacobson
President & CEO
Arlington Chamber of Commerce



Councilmember Sheri Capehart
Councilmember Michael Glaspie
Councilmember Charlie Parker
Councilmember Robert Shepard
Councilmember Kathryn Wilemon
Councilmember Lana Wolff

“For more than four decades the Texas Rangers have been a driving force behind Arlington’s economy, providing jobs for working families and attracting millions of dollars in visitor spending for many locally owned and managed businesses. By voting Yes, Arlington can make sure our economy keeps growing for many years to come.”

—  Hon. Lana Wolff
Arlington Councilmember

“The Rangers have been and are special members of the Arlington family. Moreover, they are key contributors to our City.”

— Hon. Michael Glaspie
Arlington Councilmember



Karen Williams
Sylvia Greene
Mojy Haddad
Linda & Dan Dipert
Bob Kembel
Rick Weintraub
Donna Korman
Craig Ownby
Kay King
Laura & Jimmy Jones
Bill & Sally Hopper
Melba and Jerre Todd
Sherri & Greg McCarthy
Sherry & Larry Trussell
Julie & Tony Pompa
Sam  Mahrouq
Bob Johnson
Stephen Zimmer
Holly Potter-Harvey
Trina & David Stone
Kim & Scott Crawford
April & Jason Ott
Joy & Chad Bates
Alice & Carl Chapman
Judy & Brad Rupay
Reba Blevins
Scott Collins
Tim Beary
Nicky & Mike Austin
Jill and Larry Jordan
Suzy & Tom Ware
Debbie & Terry Bertrand
Becky & Joe Nussbaum
Jill & Steve Hill
Karen & Glenn Denham
Lea Sullins
Kari & David Sargent
Sue & Curt Taylor
Carolyn & Don Casselberry
Dr. Mark & Karen Brown
Beth & Tom Brockenbush
Bonnie Reilly
Shelly Shults
Carolyn Eddlemon
Julie Ann Nicholson
Lori & Brian White
Harry Flood
Valerie Landry
Randy Hendricks
Clever McAlister
Sandy Mcnutt
Belinda & Mark Gist
Matt Konlande
Carol Kintermeier
Richard Meeks
Teresa & Terry Gaines
Peter Scott
Beth Owens
Lisa & Carl Cravens
Jamie A. Grant
Larry Fowler
Andrea Proctor
Steven Martindale
Don Duke
Mike Gerro
Amy Wade
Blake Kretz


“Every baseball season the Rangers provide an incredible boost for our community. By keeping our hometown team we can continue to attract approximately 2.5 million fans each year to shop and dine in our city. But without the Rangers we would struggle to recoup those lost dollars in our economy.”

-J.P. Mason
President, Arlington Police Association 


“It’s not just Arlington’s economy that benefits from being home to the Texas Rangers. The millions of dollars in sales tax revenue paid for by the visitors and tourists the team attracts help our city pay for better public safety services – that means safer neighborhoods for Arlington families.”

-David Crow
President, Arlington Professional Fire Fighters Association


“It is imperative that we approve this referendum to keep our hometown Rangers in Arlington through the year 2053. While they have been a great asset for our economy for the past forty years, they are equally vital to our philanthropic organizations, helping raise millions of dollars to improve our schools and assist those in need.”

-Judy Northup
President, MPAC Arlington


“To understand the impact the Texas Rangers have on Arlington you only have to look at the incredible economic numbers. 2.5 million visitors drawn to our city every year. $77 million in economic impact. 2,000 jobs. Millions of dollars in sales tax revenue paid for by tourists that we can use to improve our city services. For these reasons, and many others, the Arlington Board of REALTORS urges every Arlington resident to vote Yes on November 8.”

-Tim Beary
2016 Chairman, Arlington Board of REALTORS


"Young Men for Arlington has a long history of endorsing programs and people that promote a bright future for the City of Arlington. We strongly support the Rangers Ballpark Referendum. The benefits for our city and its residents are obvious. The members of YMA believe in Arlington. We recognize that the Texas Rangers are part of our unique identity and we understand the importance of keeping the Rangers here where they belong. We have invested our lives here and many of us have chosen to raise our families here. We know that Arlington's best days are ahead. YMA highly encourages our friends and neighbors in the great city of Arlington to vote yes on November 8!" 

Ethan McDaniel, President
Cameron Haddad, Vice President
Josh Burleson, Treasurer
Esteban Blanco, Board Member
Brandon Hill, Board Member



Jamie Sullins
Dr. Aaron Reich
John Hibbs
Kecia Mays
Polly Walton
Kristen Hudson
Bowie Hogg

“Keeping the Rangers in Arlington is not only good for our city’s economy -- the team is also a valuable partner to our school district. By boosting our economy they help attract new businesses, directly benefiting our 64,000 students, and they provide the excitement and energy that other communities covet. Plus, the Rangers have a long history of offering our student organizations fundraising opportunities at the ballpark.”


“Who can blame leaders in Dallas for trying to lure our hometown Rangers to their downtownThey desperately want what Arlington has enjoyed for 42 years – the many economic and cultural benefits of serving as home to one of the premier organizations in the major leagues. I am glad our city leaders stepped up to the plate and wisely negotiated a smart and responsible plan to keep our Rangers through the year 2053 – with no new taxes.”



We Are Voting Yes To Keep The Rangers!

Victoria Farrar-Myers
April  Preston
Joann Bender
Shelli Gaston
Keith Ogle
Watson Wilson
Matt Konlande
Tracie Donaldson
Shanna Saleh
Jim Wade
Tammy Raley
Chuck Wilson
Jessica Loe
Martha Partlow
Sam Thomas
William Vance
Barbara Reed
Bruce Hatchell
Don Ritchey
Melissa Henson
Roy Dean
Gerry Dishinger
Marti Smith
Amy Cearnal
Anna Russell
Megan Miller
Linda Switzer
Jamie A. Grant
Jason Rogers
Jennifer  Nguyen
Harold Elliott
Lara McNeil
Tom Brockenbush
Angela Swindell
Barbara Towery
Tanja Burgdorf
Toni Fulks
Joseph Goldbach
Steve Hill
David Nunez
Dwain Bierbrauer
Kim Christoforo
Terry Wiernas
Cathy Gorham
Jamie Wayland
Kristen Jacobson
Leah Plummer
Robert Johnson
Gay McGough
Scott Slover
Craig Lidell
Jay Redmon
Dana Stanley
Kelli Dowd Smith
Jennifer Singletary
Charles Parsons
Edna Megason
Eddie Robertson
Charlie Parsons
April Wheat Nohinek
Julie Thorne
Jesse Minton
Dan Merryfield
Dawn Serman
Lenny Tieman
Kathy Allen Potter
Forrest  Nelson
Don Rohloff
Greg Haugen
Barbara Ann Stidman
Larry Brunell
Dean Reed
Ed Smith
Emily Klophaus
Tom Cravens
Georgie Zang
Valla Wars
Raul Barraza
Susan  Riedle
Jimmy Phillips
Georgia Taylor
Lyndsi Moore
Richard Meeks
Holly Potter-Harvey
Carol Tieman
Bob Thomas
Anita Gatchel
John Nohinek
Ngoc Ly
Charles Morden
Marla Thomas
Billie Ball
Dennis Blackstone
Tim Woodlee
Eric Bruce
Curtis Linscott
Barbara McWhirter
Brad Gaither
Lorie White
Anne Ansley
Debra Hood
Lisa Cravens
H. Craig Davis
Jimmy Bass
Charlie Brown
Bill Vance
Carol Hintermeier
Doreen Quinn
Haydee Saldana
Mark A. Kundysek
Samuel Gomez
Rachel Glaeser
Robert Chapa
Rick Trent
Sandra Campbell
John  Demby
Karen Brown
BJ Elrod
Walter Goodwin
Becky Nussbaum
Joe Lundy
Lynnette Mayberry
Katie Price
Beth Hellier
Tina Maher
Oskar Gil
Melody Fowler
Joe Nussbaum
Amber Palmbos
Pamlina Nguyen
Paul Cary
Anthony Dillard
Gayle Carpenter
Barbara Kerr
Jack Goodyear
Jamey Hodge
Mrs Barbara Hughes Jr.
Stan Jones
Mary Jo Linscott
Barbara Gradney
April Nohinek
Shanna Rothman
James Thomason
Scott Church
Rocky Walton
Gwendolyn Sadler
Kolby Walker
Clint Dickinson
Bill Gladen
Robert Kembel
Gabrielle Stokes
Tiger Nguyen
Beth Brockenbush
Mike Williamson
David Hart
Idaly Najera
Sue Phillips
Patricia Thomas
Shelby Gritten
Joi Neighbors
Thomas Guerrero
Susan Godfrey
Laura Tomlinson-Loose
John Hutchinson
Kerrie Cale
Rebecca Fuentes
Hector Santiago
Thanh Le
Mike Austin
James Adams
Kim Simpson
Britany Winn
Becky McCullough
Stephen Lang
Chris Wade
Chuck McCoy
Jan Rumley
Annette Griffith
Chris Bryant
Jerry Jackson
Dao Mai
Courtney Stanley
Earnest McNickle
Thomas Crites
Jim Justice
Cindy Anderson
Lorie Lisius
Cindy Herhoud
Linda Stidham
Mendi Schutte
Dan Griffin
Jennit Raju
Scott Jones
Enrico Accenti
Kim Jones
Tan Truong
David Sargent
Noah Beam
Clay McCook
Wendy Mizell
Arthur Scarr
Len Oszustowicz
Deborah Lollar
Charles Mercer
Christi Jones
Anne Weydeck
Jonathan Jacobson
Dolores Bazan
Walter Osborne
Kristel Carter
John Landry
Paul Stewart
Zane Gober
Stephen Sawyer
Nick Rod
Julie Nicholson
Suzy Ware
Courtney LaFever
Sherry Jackson
Holly Clinton
Beth Owens
Mary Alden
Randy Powers
Josh Jackson
Danny Eddy
Ron Smith
Ann Cavender
Alicia Pastor
Murl Richardson
Shellie Fulton Pruden
David Stapp
Bruce Ashworth
Stacy Sanders Whitaker
Jeremy Walters
Kevin Krajenski
Julie DeMott
Angel Gaucho
Johnathon Moore
Sharon Miller
Teresa  Haney
Craig Allen
Bailey Ruff
Keith Reed
Trisha Barling
Rick Bousquet
Jill Tappe Santiago
Bruce Blair
Roxie Mayhugh
Reba Blevins
Clark Hellier
Karen Williams
Don Ray
Abby Hall
April Preston
John Bick
Jack Bookout
Troy Haefs
Tommy Moore
Bob Vinson
Dave Leyerle
Frank Meech
Amy Boelkens
Angela  Cary
Bonnie Watkins
Kandie Anderson
Christian Havens
David Stout
Terry Havins
Jack  Bookout
Gifts by Annie
Julian Cohenour Jr.
Rilla Altman
Advance Battery Co.
Michelle Savage-Devell
Can Ho
Tai Tran
Natalie Dickie
Kirsten Meyer
Lilibeth Vazquez
Mary Mulloy Pack
Keith Powell
Aimer Slover
Mark Craig
Scott Wittmayer
Rebecca Rosenthal
Brittney Horn
Roger Perry
Jaquita Blevins
Valerie Landry
Amy Hardter
Bob Lawrence
Gail Cannon
Mike Kinser
Alice Chapman
Valerie Prange
Natalie Bartoo
Stan Lewiecki
Jayme Arsenault
Donna Reinsch
Jia Castor
Sharon K. Miller
Harold Barnett
Don Trammell
Chelsea Adler
Craig Forster
Pam Seddio
Moody Alexander
Charles Worley
Tom Wood
Mike Irwin
Sharon Landers
Tom Nolan-Teasdale
Don Duke
Ken Marak
Sherri Wade
April Petitt
Jaime Villasenor
Brig Serman
Bob Gatchel
Bryan  Sheridan
Peggy Lane
Charles Hawkes Goodyear
Linda Dean
Derek Rodriguez
Scott Phillips
Carol  Prejean
Linda Clearman
Andrea Powers
Heidi Allison
Lisa Jamieson
Patti Leyerle
Erin Harris
Sandy Reams
Tammy Bader
Max Kuentz
Mary Ann Demases Weaver
Betsey Peterson
Quang Huang
Kerry Page
Keri Kembel
Steve Ansley
Stacy Bridger
Anthony Norris
Charlie Jackson
Seth Bartoo
Kate Cassidy
MIchael Kemp
Chris Balough
Danny Lawson
Cameron Atkins
Miguel Gonzalez
Dustin Smith
Rusty Havener
Bob Jeffries
Jose Mendoza
Cristine Croft
Joanne Justice
Joe Jenkins
Beth Luton
Tracy Casto
Don Richards
Katie Sipiora
Teresa Gaines
Cat Sernahorn
David McDurham
Danny Smith
Mary Helen Burnett
Stephanie W. Todd
Tesh Pendley
Kim Covert
Melanie Garrett
Chueil Winfree
Julie Cerza
Paige Bick
Sharon Parrish
Richard Carter
Carson Clute
Blake Kennemer
Justin Gustafson
Jennifer Davis
Loan Phan
Donna Darovich
Michael Gibson
Diane Brewer
Bill Pelfrey
Catherine King
Dayne Fitzgerald
Tina McCain
David Fraser
Jolanda Hendricks
Lee Ann Jerome
Stephanie Stegmeier
Chris Petitt
Joe Wigner
Heidi Vick
Cheryl Piland
Art Dunham
Tommy Williams
Larry Trussell
Sylvia Monzon
Maurice Ahem
Tina Brackeen
Earl  Whiteside
Amy Bluemel
Cortne Kent
Lori Byrd
Henry Clark
Carolyn Casselberyy
James Skidmore
Harry Flood
James Reynolds
Liz Bates
Chad Sargent
Clifton Wofford
Heather  Peterson
Judy McAllister
Heather Blanco
Suzanne McCabe
Phyl Taylor
Karen Denham
Paige Shoemaker
Rachel Bumpus
Ana Karen Cruz
Rosy Valladares
Randy Jones
Joshua McCabe
John Nguyen
Bob Wager
Donna Korman
Harry Parker
Gene Campbell
Claudia Perkins
Steve Hugdahl
Lisa Phillips Holder
Kelly  Shehorn
Bill Dadsidder
Trey Zickefoose
Maggie Daniels
Dan  Schardein
David Perkins
Larry Sparks
Ella Jo McGovern
Steve Grosso
Dwayne Lee
Johnny Wallin
David  Conant
Harriette Stevens
Brice Taylor
Belinda Owens
Bonnie William
Jose Checka
Karen Reeves
Alejandra Hernandez
Al & Lorrie Vincent
Leticia Salinas
Kyle Dossey
Brandon Williams
Michael Jennings
Jason Ott
Chuck Mamach
Brian Cotter
Kurt Cherry
Ralph Brotherton
Jill Hill
Anita Carter
Andra Stovall
Tommy Hawkes
Harold Smith
Robert Miler
Johnny Johnson
Kay Wade
Avieser Trevino
Dave Stone
Jennifer Faulkenberry
Omar Essue
Dixon J. Holman
Aby Rivas
Richard Pena
Brendon Keel
Sue  Lavender
Roman Corona
Mark Gist
Steve Hastings
Andrew Graham
Raul Saldana
LeeAnne Rogers
Buddy Bridges
Eric Williams
Sheila Lincoln-Martinez
Kelly Jackson
Gary Campanozzi
Sue Labender
Linda Dipert
Lee Wood
Adrian Trinh
Carole Lemonds
George Hoyer
Juli Jay
Kim Powers
Courtney Brown
Floyd Wingard
Barbara Lee
Ed  McGuinness
Jack Farris
Bryan Roberts
Andy Berry
Betty  Pruett
Harold Sherrieb
Victoria Nguyen
Judy  Glenn
Jamea Norman
Dawn Fairchild
Rodger Dewberry
Tammie Brown
Lindsy Fernandez
Wesley Whitworth
Christina Culbertson
Randy Landers
Jaime  Villasenor
Richard Moise
Candy Trent
Doug Martin
Eduardo Hernandez
Chad Ferguson
Sandy Evans
Doyle Geiser
Carole Brown
Heather Hunn
Janice Osborne
Guy Donaldson
Tracy Hykee
Bill Stewart
Greg McCarthy
Jim Borneman
Lee Jeffrey
Tammy Sutherland
Charles Robinson
Ronda Ainsworth
Mary Peterman
Amy Wade
Tom Wilson
Jamie Spires
Cheryl Franck
Norma Elliot
Mary Dollar
Roy Miliner
Stephanie Foster
L.H. DUBois
Barbara Rosenthall
Zach Carnley
Jaime Pumphrey
Adrian Olivarez
Charles Brady
Erin Hibbs
Karem Temple
Shane Potter
Zach Pikey
Jennie Mcconathy
Sharon Hutchinson
Nanci Johnson Plump
Gena Hembree
Justin Bagley
Judy Northup
Sa-leigh Walker
Louis DuBois
Patrick Dunn
Donna Razo
Sally Trach-Le
Ken Simpson
Elzie Odom
Jason Clausen
Jodi Farris
Cindy Goodyear
Dani Carpenter
Ryan  Carter
David Dickey
Lisa Jones
Tyler Wood
Jimmy Jones
Cindy Hatchell
Dan Fernandez
Lorrie Vincent
Kenneth Soulas
Logan Treadaway
Paul Woodard
Christina Dyer
Dana Butler
Arthur Cancino
Johnathon Powers
Pat Rohloff
Mojy Haddad
William Temple
Kolbe Tran
Martha Whitworth
Richard French
Carolyn McGinnis Morris
John Keller
George Campbell
Mike Stedham
Linda Ellis
April Culver
Niki Eric
Sandi Malcherek
Jerry Glaeser
Bob Johnson
Kim Lynn
Bobbie Johnson
Phil Kevil
Grace Tan
Bill Lynch
Laura Jones
Brad Maidlow
Munir Hyder
Wayne Coble
Irene Dancer
Christian Meraz
Lisa Sawyer
Jim Seigler
Jamie Lundy
Stephen Cavender
Julie Pompa
Patty Hagen
Bill Starns
Donna Perry
Richard Hood
Nikki Baker
Tettleton Family
Jim Wells
Tom Crites
Phil Norris
Ryan Baresh
David Stone
Karol-Ann Mooney Mozjesik
Hannah Mitchell
Linton Checka
Spencer Cearnal
Kelly Hastings
Legal Draft Beer Co.
Alvaro Nieto
Steve McNeil
Rich Nguyen
Stacy Dellasega
Lonnie Ruff
Tony Rutigliano
Tom Ware
Lesley Dalme
Roy Dalme
Richard  Carter
Charlie Salazar
Bonnie Reilly
David Braeutigam
Susan Wiggins
Kathryn LaBruyere
Jason Jones
Jeremy Carpenter
Russell McCaskill
Kris Landrith
Teri Bautouich
Sean Ervin
Brendan Barnes
Tanya Vittitow
Rick Weintraub
Dara Wandel
Steve Dellasega
Patty Smith
Samuel Tackett
Lori Craig
Carolyn Eddlemon
Kristie Nguyen
Elaine Hogan
David Knu
Mike Farhat
Royleen Cooper
Keaton Pendley
Trinh Mai
Britt Nelson
Phillip Herr
Paul Fisher
Greg Parker
Sam  Mahrouq
Nelson Romo
Susie Dixon
Sheri Womack
Justin Griffith
Charlene McGowan
Lori Baldock
Sherri McCarthy
Sylvia Baumler
Jason Barling
Hahn Le
Steve Altman
Karen Allen
Danny Lopez
Carlo Laneri
Cole Hong
Carla Adams
Karen McCaskill
Ron Haynes
Cara Hacidey
Vance Lawson
John Dancer
Pete  Jensen Jr.
Richard Gilbert
Jeff Cassekl
Tony  Wade
Maureen Maidlow
Curt Taylor
Steve Ratcliff
Blake Kretz
Kay Tedford
Ron Wilkins
Justin Chapa
Sally Hopper
Joseph Faust
Valerie Renfro
Melissa Johnson
Scott Pfaff
John Hibbs
Barbara Leis


Robert Rivera
Anna Chapa
Kay Trammell
Rosa Navejar
Brian Kerr
William Harvey
Robert Terry
Mark Kennedy
Demi Stewart
Cindy Bridges
Jan Blanchard
Roger Gates
Jerry McCullough
Tim Hood
Bernita McWilliams
Brad Holmes
Joe Shank
Cooper Clute
Jock Bethune
Joe Box
Kin Fung
Jimmy Wiernas
Melvin Smith
Lisann Peters
Tammy Yohman
Lesa Jones
Danny Cross
John Thielman
Glenn Donaldson
Nancy Coble
Darcy Farrington
Sam Emmerson
Tracey Wittmayer
Craig Ownby
Stephanie Nichols
Gracie Hilton
David Isbon
Pat Arlington
Anna Godfrey McCrillis
John Benson
Reid Dickson
Veronica Scheibe
Jason S. Clausen
Anne Glasgow
Stephanie  Tettleton
Donna McGee
Kevin Blair
OC Chapa
Carolyn Tieman
Selena Munoz
Vincent Vasquez
Rhonda Knott
Adam Head
Tom Sewell
Randy Hendricks
Sam Phanh
Jeanne Hatchett Paull-Turner
Charles Finicum
Zack Bergen
Barbara McGowan
Megan Chou
Angie Box
Louisa Kellie
Nora Bransom
Charlie Anderson
Mike Anderson
Christine Fernandez
Cheryl Wolters
Stan Agee
Andrew Price
Nicky Austin
Barbara Maris
Michael McCranie
Carmen Cruz
Brian White
Sandy Potts
John M. Belders
Dr. Harold Smith
Paul Lyday
Nancy Foreman
Kathleen Astran
Will Deakyne
Persis Ann Foster
Ethan McDaniel
Bryan Stein
Brandee Kelley
David Scott
Cleva Steadman
Joe Bruner
Nhu Pham
Pam Brotherton
Martha Walker
Angela  Swindell
Kelly Blair
Jonathon Moore
Nicholas Reynolds
Belinda Sandoval
Becky Berry
Bob Dawson
Don Proctor
Sherry Trussell
Michele Estill
Debbie Bush
Kevin Interiano
Andrea Proctor
Julie Ryan
Lance Jones
Cliff Mycoskie
David Locke
Gary  Robertson
Bruce Capehart
Alan Fite
Mary Kay Jeffries
Larry Keefe
Carrie Sawyer
Ben Taylor
Allan Gordon
Michael Cunningham
Chris Danford
Weldon English
Megan Ngo-Ha
Allyn Collins
Melba Todd
Barbara Maris
Gloria Van Zandt
Bruce Talley
Lisa Gosselin Mcneely
Leesa Monroe
Janae Urbanczyk
Teresa Anderson
Stephanie Vacanti
Shannon Moser
Karina Tobar
Nicole Lawrence
Bryan Howerton
Amanda Sullins
Gene Pearson
Bryan Sheridan
LaShaunn Bold
Brad West
Cara Hackley
Pat Hezmall
Linda Smith
Rusty Hancock
Imran  Khan
Jeffrey Hevey
Kyle Shackelford
Dr. Mark Brown
Brian Allison
Bill Gunn
Mike Cruz
Rick Jenkins
Carla Sue Worley
Ally Grace
Dary Bender
John Teachey
Nikki Nguyen
Clever McAlister
Stephen Zimmer
Carole Hoyer
Carey Cartwright
Dick Wilkinson
Duane Keilstrup
Mike & Kaudie Anlelson
Dianne Browne
Dori Burton
Brenda Kellis
Dennis Klophaus
Todd Smith
Emily Wetzel
Terri Chapa
Michael Mercer
Chris Bates
Ben Goodyear
Joey Frazor
Kim Marak
Dalyssa O'Brien
Tawnya Braeutigam
Richard Urbani
Pam Bookout
Mary Frances Iwanicki
Wade Taylor
Joe Harmison
Bertha Crossford
Thomas Hackley
Louise Roberts
Jerre Todd
Jeremy Rothman
Neely Fortinberry-Kinser
Ann Pelfrey
Mike Fairchild
Cynthia Striegel
Rebecca Gibbs
Jim Vaszauskas
Michael Obidinski
Irene Suarez
Daisy Chavez
Tom Cale
Glenn Denham
Lisa Wilson
Calvin  McKaig
Jeffry Hyles
Scott Crawford
Nick Stanley
Paula Speed
Kari Sargent
Cindi Morden
Edward LaBruyere
Gary Weller
Breanna Rogers
Carlos Alferez
Frank Seddio
Shawn  Stevens
Darren Brett
Becky Matthews
Dorothy Howard
Thuy Nguyen
Karen McNickle
Janell Smith
Jana Newton
Brian Bader
James Ditto
Leigh Dillhoff
Clay Kelley
Su Dekkers
Jennifer Nash
Melissa Siver Hayen
Shyrlene Shelton
Richard Hintermeier
Matt Shults
Ricky Pott
Lisa Parker
Barbara Hughes
Mike Ledford
Cynthia Will
Dee Jones
Carla Pearson
Tex Hopkins
Connie Greene
Carl Cravens
Belinda Gist
Sandra Fry
Barney Baker
Lan Do
Wallace Owens
Ryan Lerma
Tamara Ticknor
Jean Kevil
Greg Skoczlas
Carol Camp
Jacque Redmon
Terry Bertrand
Sharon Brown
Shelly Shults
Deanna Palla
Anna Pettit
John Hyde
Michael Cuda
Karen Abshire
Manhattan Construction Company
Maysoun Hassan
Larry Fowler
Craig Barton
William Nelson
Roy Hill
Kevin Kanouse
Linda Casey
Scott Collins
Ryan Jay
Jeania Blackstone
Wanda Brunell
Leith Seegers
Kim Le
Jeannie Deakyne
James Martin
Robert Brackeen
Loretta Causey
Julie Ann Nicholson
Larry Jordan
Sam Partlow
Amy  Hardter
Steve Burdick
The Sargent Family
Jayne Smith
Tammy Witter
Terry Gaines
Trang Doan
Gary Nicholson
Ken Watkins
Allen Avrett
Debbie Smith
Mike Boelkens
Tyanna Cates
Courtney Balke
Linda Olson
Dan Davis
Chirag Patel
Christy Kay
Jim Land
Esteban Blanco
Carole Baron
Henry Nguyen
Bob Fancher
April Ott
Brenda Chaney
Tasha Nikl
Angela Cary
Kira Bauman
Jeff Baker
Karen Vitale
Rich Evans
Laverne  Sewell
Dody Zabonick
Julie Garner Reinhardt
Sue Taylor
Pete Moore
Suzanne Sharum
John Burgdorf
Kevin Schutte
George Gorham
Dick McKee
Roxanne Thalman
Jessica Anderson
Rebecca Clay
James Maris
Joy McKee
Marlene Peterson
Todd Nicol
Denis Shaw
Tami Elrod
Howard Porteus
Marcus Piland
Wii Ngo
Rosie Martinez
Jayne Haynes
Nasser Gittiban
Brian Harris
Bobbie Lee
Kendy Weldon
Tim Beary
Pam Groves
Frank San Miguel
Horacio Capella
Charlie Kilpatrick
Peyton Thomas
Mary Hendrickson
Mike Gerro
Tony Cerza
Dana Collins
Peggy Semingsun
Ashley Huett Walker
Rudy  Martinez
Thi Nguyen
Steven  Wheeler
Mayne Brundage
Mohammed Saeed Iqbal
Marge Dawson
Kailey Balke
Marshall  Adams
Michael Wei
Jim Maibach
Lou Richards
Murray Scheibe
Becky Pelfrey
David Nguyen
Gail Thomas
Susie Wheaton
Ashley Elrod
Amy Schultz
Greg Little
Audra Moore
Greg Davis
John Demby
Thomas Vacanti
DeAnn Rolens
Rick Garza
Abby Klophaus
John Cronkite
Paula Szmuc
Jennifer Nankivell
Margie Thurman
Amber Garrison
Mason Pritcher
John Arnot
Colin Hellier
Patti Wolff
Don Casselberyy
Danny Anderson
Kathy Havins
Joni Littleton Wilson
Brian Greene
Keith Taylor
Helen Moise
Michael Hamilton
Tom Bonjour
Jane Haynes
Peter Baron
Carolyn Stout
Robbie Mayes
Jay  Doegey
Debbie Bertrand
Lisa Mann
Sabrina Harrington
Joy Wells
Michael R. Miller
Sue Hogg
Joe French
Kathy Dishinger
Martha Dent
Alice Gilhart
John Judge
Victoria Rekemeyer
Gloria Pena
Mike O'Donnell
Tammy Wilson
Wendy Thurmond
Jim Wiernas
Bill Quinn
Eric Brittingham
Al Vincent
Carla Dawn Taylor
Van Nguyen
Kelli Trussell
Sarah Rodriguez
Ross Thorne
Harry Diedrich
Sarah Knotts
Rose Geiser
Karen Kuentz
Chelsey Caram
Melody McDow Skidmore
Cheryl Gordon
Chris Hatcher
Lynn Fraser
Katie Anderson
Charlotte Slover
Lynn Herr
Cal  Blanchard
Lauren Cooley
Neil Howerton
Constable David Woodruff
Bill Leach
Laura Perkins
Jennifer Mankiven
Beau Browne
Alex Croft
Ben Klophaus
Scherron Richard
Carl Chapman
Kathryn Macdoadd
Eliza Hatton
Danny Dixon
Phyllis Thielman
Ona Cox
John Slover
Wayne Smith
Paul Fulks
Jim Austin
Bill Prange
Trina Stone
Patricia  Guillotte
Kevin Cartwright
Jim Poynter
Michael Haliburton
Mark Wayland
Kay King
Kay Ellen Hawkes Goodyear
Deanna Zang
Steven Martindale
Page Lewiecki
Brent Jerome
Dona Rosenberry
Lea Sullins
Dan T. Serna
Teresa Adkison Hancock
Jon Albrecht
Alice Ratcliff
Stephanie Rangel
Jim Switzer
Steve Slezak
Kim Crawford
Boyce Megason
Wayne Hallford
Sharon Walton
CS Preferred Solutions
Andrew Bender
Shane Clausen
Peggy Poynter
Susan Serna
Pailere Baron
David Tapia
Demetria Bivens
Tammy Johnson
Jim Gipson
Milo Strawn
Paul Hawkins
Karen Prather
Leanne Nelson
Mike Butler
Richard Berry
Libby Seigler
Mark Tharp
Barbara Lamb
Demases Weaver
Judy Rupay
Mary Dixon
Antoinette  Miller
Diane Cravens
Francilla Tamplen
VanDella Menifee
Bob Cooley
John Lemonds
Allen Seymour
Brandon Childress
Tracy Winkles
Jack Gilhart
Bill Bauman
Mason Hicks
Suzanne Kelley
Eddie Mayhugh
Mark Plummer
Kevin Hadawi
Anthony Grant
Waisi Tahir
Henson Family
Jay Ryan
Laura White-Kennemer
Sarah Merrill Young
Ally Jerome
Diana Doegey
Kathleen Shank
Kathie Keefe
Julie Perrill Nash
Cindy Marshall
Barbara Pritcher
Wayne Holt
Roy Hogan
Janet McConnel
Heather Lee
Susan Parker
Debra Wood
Lana Carr
Tracy Rosson
Kelly Henshall
Avieser Trevio
Cindy Bierbrauer
Cuong Pham
Bill Rosenberry
Neal Cowan
Ryan Gates
James Campbell Quick
David Nolan-Teasdale
Laura Gober
Janis Lewis
Jim Bitene
Co Hethcock
Christie Cuenco
Misha Pfaff
Glenn Troutman
Debbie Hogan
Judy Hearn
Kyndal Nicol
Jim Reeder
Rick Keith
William Reed
Eric Whetstone
Karen Cooper
Larry W. Johnson
Tommy Lanier
Alvin Warren
Stephen Wolters
Michael Laukaitis
Chad Bates
Sandy McNutt
Steve Byrd
Juanita Martinez
Danny Wood
Lindsey Bautouich
Brent Sherman
Javier Najera
Toni  Hall
Glenn Crossett
Kecia Mayes
Gene Dean
Mark Estill
Morrie  Pickler
Amy Haskins
Toni Worley
Kara Lidell
Kent Bumpus
Steven Martinez
John Rumley
Joe Bone
Annie  Heirman
Courtney McDaniel
Amy Haugen
Deborah Helt
Gilbert Rangel
LouAnn O'Donnell
Robert Dollar
Sheila Hallford
Amy Wager
David Wilbanks
Lynda Sherrieb
Sarah Waggoner
Pete Jensen
Van Tran
Andy Nguyen
Jackye Clark
Lesley Jensen
Faye Reeder
Paul Rexford Burks
Erin Hegwer
Christina Borneman
Randy Grimes
Farooq Khan
Felicia Benker
Beth Anne Woodard
Porky Hogg
Phil Reinsch
Craig Morris
Herbie Wilbanks
Clete McAllister
Dr. David W. Nunez
Bill Hopper
Dustin Lewis
Darla Couch Reynolds
Greg Miller
Tanika Dean
Annette Allen
Jessica Craig
Susan Edwards
Mark Cooper
Boyce Thompson Jr.
Giau Van Le
Karen Bass
DeeDee Duncan Elliott
Kelly  Burkett
B.J. Gradney
Art Rolader
Amy Croft
Jan Porter
Emily Alexander
Julie Landry
Kim Wilson
Chad Hullender
Gib Wingard
Heather Baresh
Corina Cervantes
Christopher Bivens
Ashley Courtney
Sandy Clark
Thomas Hacidey
Mitchell Sutherland
Susan Brittingham
Ann McCaskill
Amy Woodruff
Victor Basaldoa
Dawn Grosskreutz
Cindy Whitmire
Tom McCarty
Germaine Riley
Sharon Shannon
Lee Jackson
Reginald Dean
Amanda Gibson
Linda Church
Brad Rupay
Scott Harris
Vanna Vongchareun
Kazumi Chapa
Robert Noel
Jill Jordan
Cliff Bergstrom
Mona Puente
Brenda Stewart
Tamera Greene
Jim Piland
Kalli Wilson
Don Dixon
Gabriel Munoz
Michael Baldock
Toni Miller
Mary Lyday
Cindy Wood
Tony Pompa
Larry Stanley
Kevin Terry
Kim Kortegast
Roger DeFrang
Peter Scott
Jerry Hilton
Marilyn  Priddy
Phil Reinsch
Chris Jones
Billie Redden
Susan Riedle
Barbara Wofford
Asciatu Whiteside
Kelly Nguyen
Ingrid Skoczlas
Twyla Miranda
Barbara Adams
David Russell
Ryan Arkema
Kort Peters
Don Wheaton
Barb Johnson
Pete Fuentes
Steve Willey
Amy Willmann
Wayne Ogle
Steve Kretschmar
Jaimie Hibbs
Johnny Branstine
Tessa McCook
Jay Pritcher
Babs Strawn
Joan Fernandez
Curtis Marsh




Partial listing.


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