“Two years ago, Dallas MayorMike Rawlings began talking to theTexas Rangers about moving to Dallas”

Dallas Morning News City Hall Blog
May 20, 2016

“Dallas city officials confirmed reports that they were talking to the Texas Rangers about moving there ...”

Fox 4 News
August 9, 2016

“Mayor Mike Rawlings is on record saying that he supported Dallas’ efforts to try to win the Rangers ... was deeply enamored with the idea of being known as ‘the man who brought the Rangers to Dallas’ ... the interest from Dallas was long-standing and real.”

D Magazine
October 2016

Losing the Rangers to Dallas would devastate Arlington’s economy.Without the Rangers, we lose more than just a baseball team.

  • Arlington’s economy would take a $77 million hit every year, leaving a huge void in our economy that would be nearly impossible to fill.

  •  2,000 jobs would be lost in Tarrant County, hurting working families who rely on Arlington’s entertainment and tourism industry to earn a living.

  •  Each year our city would lose more than 2.5 million visitors who are currently staying in our hotels, eating in our restaurants and shopping in our stores thanks to the Rangers.

  • With fewer visitors and tourists coming to Arlington, we would lose millions of dollars in sales tax revenue – that means a higher tax burden on homeowners and less revenue to pay for roads, parks and police.

“Multiple media reports prove Dallas leaders have been actively pursuing the Rangers with promises of a new downtown stadium. With the almost 3 million fans the team attracts each year, who can blame our friends to the east. But losing the Rangers is not an option for our city. It would be a devastating blow to our economy, remove millions of dollars in visitor spending and cost way too many jobs. For the sake of our economic future – and for the sake of our next generation of families – it’s imperative that we vote Yes on November 8 to keep our Rangers with no new taxes.”

Michael Jacobson
President, Arlington Chamber of Commerce